Tadd Truscott



tadd truscott

Despite his large head of hair and his flair for asking questions most people think of as basic, silly, and obvious, he is no Einstein. The new and improved Dr. Tadd Truscott insists on finding visually stunning evidence of the phenomena he studies. Thanks to long hours of hard work, dedication, and the help of his committee and advisor Professor Alexandra H. Techet, he has joined thousands of other graduates of MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering with a new found love of fluid dynamics and visualizing flow fields. He is always at home in the laboratory trying to uncover the mysteries of the latest data or replicate techniques drawn on the chalk board. His sense of humor, insistence that he is probably wrong until proven right, and easy going attitude make him an unlikely scientist in a world of self proclaimed experts. His interests expand the length of the universe from dark matter and the origins of life to the evolution of human greetings from hand shaking to high-fives, but recently they have become much more focused and include three-dimensional flow field visualization techniques, free-surface flows, dynamic and static wetting angles, hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity, biological fluid flows, ocean-wind-wave renewable energy, and multi-phase flows. Please take a minute to browse his site, if you have a tendency to get bored reading skip to the Research or Photo-a-day pages, otherwise read on and enjoy!